About Book Show!


Opening mid-July (date TBA), Book Show is a book store founded by Jen Hitchcock and housed within the vibrant energized environment of LA Artist/Designer Damon Robinson’s NOMAD print studio, gallery and art compound.

Email: bookshowla@gmail.com


Book Show strives to keep the art of the printed word alive by offering an interactive creative retail space designed for the curious mind. Book Show will provide and foster an inspirational environment for the exchange of ideas, opinions and collaboration.

The name BOOK SHOW stems from my lifelong interest in the historical carnival sideshow and roadside attractions. These establishments were created and built from the ground up by entrepreneurial, independent spirits. These attractions enticed and drew people into worlds of natural and technological wonders and entertained with  unique, offbeat performances. BOOK SHOW will capture this same spirit in its mission to spotlight the wonder of the physical book, an irreplaceable art form despite getting pushed to the fringes of our digital era. BOOK SHOW’S main attraction (books!) will be complimented by a stage open to a variety of entertainment and educational opportunities available to all.

BOOK SHOW will offer new and used books, as well as affordable vintage books and ephemera. You will find a little bit of everything on our shelves, with a specialized and passionate focus on Fiction & Literature, Popular Culture, History, Local and Independent Press, Memoir & Autobiography. We love vintage, quirky, independent and stuff that lives on the fringe!

BOOK SHOW will be book browser’s heaven. Books will be organized and arranged in unique inspired ways—from unconventional shelving to non-traditional bookstore genres and displays. The ultimate goal is to get you to interact with not just the book or subject you are looking for, but also discover what is around it. BOOK SHOW will also offer a wide variety of gift items and cards with a focus on local and independent companies and artists. BOOK SHOW will offer art for sale, with a primary focus on local artists who work with and incorporate books and literary references in their art.

There will be an eclectic calendar of shows and events offered at BOOK SHOW. We are not going to be just be a retail bookstore but also a salon, a communal gathering space in which ideas, thoughts and opinions can be freely exchanged on an intimate stage. It will be a place to participate in or lead a creative educational workshop. BOOK SHOW will strive to provide a welcoming, inspiring space for creativity and ideas to grow to thrive.


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